Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Maybelline's Baby Lips Review

Lip balm is an essential for nigh on the entire human race. Nobody, whether you're a burly builder or a princess want chapped, dry looking lips. And as the owner of rather full lips, I find when my lips aren't at their best it is incredibly noticeable. So when I heard the buzz about this new balm, Baby Lips from across the pond, I was excited for it to arrive on British shores to give this cheap and rather hyped product a whirl.

With 6 currently in the Baby Lips range in the UK, I thought I'd try out two, the Intense Care with SPF and the 'Cherry Me' tinted version (a girl can never have enough lip balm, you know?) The price is a modest £2.99, which I think is very reasonable, as someone willing to fork out for lip care. The packaging is super easy to work with, I sometimes find some lip balms let you twist up, but not down (as a child I never learned with Lip Smackers and ended up with a fuzzy mess) which is a gigantic pain, but these are clean and simple.

L-R 'Cherry Me' and 'Intense Care' - both products retail for

T-B 'Intense Care' and 'Cherry Me'

I can't get enough of products with SPF in, so I'm glad there are several in the range which do. I really do like the feel of the intensive balm on my lips, as well as the way it makes them look. When I use it, it makes them look super healthy and smooth (and dare I say it, kissable) and the 'rub your lips together' feeling does stick around for a long while. All of the balms claim to last and give moisture for 8 hours, and I think if you're not eating or drinking loads, then that is a fair statement to make with this one in particular!! The tint in 'Cherry Me' is quite a sheer one, but is still good for little make-up days if you just want to add a tiny something to your lips. I do like the moisture this one also adds to my lips, but I have noticed a difference in the amount of moisture I get from this one and the intense one, and I just feel if you're looking into this range for lip care, rather than lip colour, then hands down I think you should pick up the intense one. But equally if you're lips are in a fairly good condition, and you want something subtle for work or school, then I'd say this one is great too, it is all down to personal preference!!

Overall I like both of the Baby Lips that I bought, but if I were to pick one, I'd go with the Intense Care one! I just feel if I want to add a bit of colour to my lips, I can introduce that with another product, but still can have the longer lasting, more intense formula with SPF in!!

Have you tried out any of the Baby Lips range?
How did you find it?
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