Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara Review

Sometimes some products just seem like an extra faff. Be that to you primers, eyelash curlers or brow gels. To other people, they're absolute saviours and make a world of difference, and as a someone who is happy to have their beauty regime turned upside down by a seemingly unnecessary product, I thought Clinique's Bottom Lash Mascara could be one of these game-changers.

This product retails for £12.00

Clinique's Bottom Lash wand (left) compared to Benefit's
'They're Real' wand (right)
Close-up of the mascara after a full 8 hours of wear
(bottom lashes only)

As pretty little products go, this one isn't cheap. At £12 a pop (which amounts to approximately £60 if it were 'standard' size.) That price tag could easily cover both top and bottom lashes, so this probably isn't something for those who are money conscious. I must admit, with fairly oily skin, the formula in this mascara is a lifesaver, there isn't a trace of smudgy black underneath my eyes, nor any flakiness on my cheeks, this is certainly a mascara which stays exactly where you want until you want to take it off, which isn't a hassle either. The mini brush really helps you get the small lashes looking full and not clumping them at all (nor do you get an accidental big blob on your nose either!) and overall is a great little product!

With all it's praises sung, and more or less every box ticked, I am toying with the idea whether or not I will repurchase. It is a great product, and it definitely does what it says on the tin, but weighing up the sheer price of the product if it were dialled up to a normal sized mascara, I'm sure I could find a high end mascara which works just as well, and can be tailored to my top lashes too, and hey, saving the mini wand could come in handy if I find other wands a tad cumbersome.

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