Friday, 25 October 2013

Boots Essentials Cucumber Wipes & Eye Make-Up Remover Gel

So being on a money saving mission in the run up to Christmas, today I am going to be looking at budget make-up removal. Expensive make-up removers, cleansers and micellar waters seem to be top of everyone's wish list at the moment, but I completely understand that not everyone can afford high end beauty every month.

I popped into Boots and picked up these two items, they were in the 3 for 2 deal, so I picked up two wipes and one eye make-up remover for the small price of £3.00. There were tonnes of other items in the range, but I felt these are the bare basics of make-up removal.

So firstly, the Boots Essentials Cucumber Wipes. Surprisingly, if I was in a rush or low on cash, these would always be my go-to make-up wipes and always have been, at such a low price and usually included in some sort of deal, you can't really go wrong. You get twenty-five in a packet, so they could see you through the majority of the month. I use one wipe for basic make-up, being no heavy eye make-up, so for anything more than foundation and mascara, you would need two wipes. I love the scent of the cucumber range, but for those who don't, there is a non-scented range, which comes in blue packaging. My skin isn't dried out or damaged by these wipes and I know for a fact I will be repurchasing these again and again.

So onto the Cucumber Eye Make-Up Remover Gel. This was a first time purchase for me, and as wipes generally aren't really the best for removing eye make-up (unless you want all your eyelashes ripped out), I thought I would give this a whirl. To be perfectly honest, I did not have the best time with this product, the consistency was a little strange, I know it is a 'gel', but I didn't expect it to be as thick as it was. I used a cotton pad with the gel, held it over my lashes for a few seconds and then wiped the product away. It removes product fine, although removing a few lashes in the process, but, and this is a very big but, if the product gets in your eye it is game over. I have never ever experienced a product specifically made for the eye area, that hurts so much if you accidentally get it in your eye. There were some Cucumber Eye Make-Up Remover Pads in the range as well, which I think I might give a try instead.

How do you remove your make-up? 
Do you stick to drug-store or do you always buy high-end?

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