Saturday, 28 September 2013

La Roche-Posay Physiological Micellar Solution

After the big buzz around BioDerma, I think nearly every cosmetic company released their own Micellar solution, and I have been eager to try a few out after the success of BioDerma (see Alice's review here)

La Roche-Posay is always a brand that catches my eye, and keeping with the French skincare theme I thought I would try this solution out. At first I was really pleased with the results, I manage to remove all my make-up in two cotton pads, and this works really well at removing mascara, I just hold the cotton pad over my eye for a few seconds to loosen the product and it comes off with ease. This solution does not leave any residue on the face and did not bring up any redness during or after removal of my make-up. My skin felt soft post-make up removal and this solution is overall not drying on the skin (although you couldn't skip moisturising completely).

So, this solution sounds like an absolute dream, right? Wrong. After time (when I was about half way down the bottle), I started becoming very break-out prone, mainly on my chin. I continued use thus the breakouts continued. I swapped to MAC make-up wipes (review here) and my skin cleared up. Keen to give the product a second chance, I did, and right on cue, my chin break-out is back.

I was so so so gutted that this product did not work out for me in the end, it is actually perfect in every other way, and comes at a good price of £11.50.

What has your experience been with this Micellar Solution? Let us know!

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