Monday, 30 September 2013

Bruce Bogtrotter

Hi Guys!! Emma and I have decided to branch out a little with our posts with throwing fashion into the mix as well as sharing a bit more of ourselves on the blog. We've added our Twitter and Instagram links to our main page, which we'd love for you to have a snoop on, as well as our Facebook Page link. Every other Monday, one of us will post a wee update of our goings on to keep all of you updated! Thank you for continuing to support our blog, it means so much to both of us!


Right at the end of August I was invited to my Boyfriend's Sister's wedding, the weather behaved itself and the whole thing was just so beautiful! I cannot begin to describe how beautiful her dress was! Then when September rolled around it was my Brother's birthday which we celebrated with the most chocolatey of chocolate cakes imaginable!! Other amazing highlights were finding my Alexander McQueen ring which I haven't seen in 3 years, seeing Paramore (they were so good I just can't even) and my Boyfriend surprising me with a bouquet of flowers!!

I hope September has treated you well and I look forward to bigger and brighter things on this wee site, see you on Wednesday with another review!!

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