Saturday, 14 September 2013

Beauty Blender Pure Airport Kit

So every review I read about The Beauty Blender is usually, in a nut shell, someone stating how this is their holy grail and the best thing since sliced bread. I never usually stray away from my trusted Real Techniques brushes, and truth be told, The Beauty Blender is not a reason to make me.
For base make-up, I use the larger end of The Beauty Blender and stipple the product onto my face whilst slowly blending it in. The Beauty Blender gives a very good finish to base make-up, with no brush marks or streaks, and if you love a thick base then this is a really good applicator to use. On the other hand, I like to really buff my base products into my skin as to avoid a dewy finish, and I feel you can't really achieve this with The Beauty Blender.
Now, don't think this is a bad review, whilst I would not go to this product for base application, I would definitely consider this when applying powders, specifically under-eye powders. When testing out Ben Nye's Banana Powder this is the applicator I used, and I loved the finished look. I use the pointy end of The Beauty Blender and press the powder into the skin and am able to get a really thick coverage and set under-eye products perfectly. The shape of The Beauty Blender is perfect for this area of the face and just makes your make-up routine so quick and easy!
Cleaning this product is super easy, the set I purchased came with a bar of soap to clean the product. You simply just wet the applicator under the tap, rub a bit of soap in and then rinse. I then just leave it to dry over night with the rest of my brushes!
The Beauty Blender is extremely pricey, depending on what set you buy, but I wouldn't be put off by this as there are 100's of amazing reviews out there, I think you should really think about how you like to apply your make-up and what finish you like to achieve, because I thought I didn't like this applicator to start with, then I realised how versatile it is and found other ways to use it and learned to love it!
Have you tried The Beauty Blender?
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