Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Avon Advanced Techniques Morroccan Argan Hair Oil Review

Avon, a well known household name, is always a beauty brand I've overlooked until recently. Here in the UK they operate either online or through reps which is what I've been doing. Although mainly known for their beauty products, I was intrigued by their Advanced Techniques hair oil. Not only was the price good (at the time of me writing this, Avon are selling it for just £2.99 - which is unreal!) but also had great claims at leaving your hair feeling smooth yet weightless, so I just had to try it out!!

This product's RRP is £5.50

It comes in a 30ml bottle with a pump

I ombre my hair, so to keep my length and colour I really need to take care of my ends, and I have to say along with regular conditioning, this works wonders! A pump or two ran through damp hair leaves my hair both feeling and looking a lot healthier. Although I don't suffer from manic frizz I feel my hair looks far less wispy and in general more sleek. As colder climes are creeping in and I turn to more heat styling, this along with some heat protectant should keep my hair in good condition. The oil itself is a thick enough consistency to make a difference to the hair but light enough so it doesn't weigh the hair down or make it look greasy at all. I haven't tried this product on my hair dry, simply because I don't think my hair needs it, although if you do suffer from particularly frizzy hair I'm sure this will help you in your daily frizz taming struggle.

After using this oil, I can't see why anyone wouldn't try it in their hair, with the usual price of this item being a little over a fiver and the size going a fairly long way, I think this will suit a very wide range of budgets, and the results are worth the price and then some. It is now definitely a staple in my haircare routine, and has made me sit up and pay attention to the brand!!

Have you got a favourite hair oil?
Any tips on keeping your hair nice and healthy?

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