Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Viva La Juicy Noir Review

As I mentioned in last week's post, I had indeed already purchased the full size perfume that was sent to me in my Glossybox. I rarely invest a good amount of money into perfumes (I'm quite a fan of both CK One and CK IN2U both of which can be found around the £20 mark) but I thought as a birthday treat to myself I would spend a good amount of money on a more high end perfume. I tend to lean towards either fresh or sweet scents, fresh for the day and sweeter for the evening, but I wanted to get something that would work well for both, and as this was a new release a lot of incentives were being added in with purchasing Viva la Juicy Noir (I managed to snap this up whilst Boots were offering 10 pounds worth of points.) Others in the shortlist were Naughty Alice by Vivienne Westwood and YSL's Manifesto, I found all of these scents something I feel I could wear at whatever time, and similarly sweet.

A 50ml size retails at £47.00

What the bottle looks like!

I've never owned the original Viva la Juicy (nor the La Fleur blend within the VLJ range) but have known those that have, and they do smell similar, but different enough that it justifies having two perfumes. Both perfumes contain berry, honeysuckle and sandalwood aromas. However Viva la Juicy contains more floral notes of jasmine and gardenia whereas Noir goes down a more gourmand route. Now, I could sit here and list the scents within both, but truth be told I can't pick out all of these things in smelling either perfumes, but maybe a more trained nose could. Either way, I really do like this scent, and it lingers on the skin and wears well it's a winner for me!

The bottle although never the most important part about a fragrance, is something to mention as everybody loves a nice bit of packaging and this is that too. The bottle looks similar to the mother fragrance but the bottle itself is pink and opaque (I'm sure this will annoy me towards the end of the bottle when I can't see how much is left) but this does look nice and girly on any dresser whilst having a bit of attitude with a black bow and large crystal lid, I like Juicy Couture as a brand and own a few pieces of their jewellery and this bottle very much fits in with the rest of this brand, so if you like Juicy usually, you'll like this too.

All in all I obviously like this fragrance, I trawled the perfume section and had my nose burning from smelling every fragrance, which hey, when you're in an airport you know you do too, but after umming and ahhing this is the one I was happy to spend the money on.

Have you smelt this fragrance?
Own any other Juicy perfumes?

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