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My August Beauty Boxes

Well, it's that time of month again, beauty boxes are being delivered left and right and I thought I'd share the contents of both my Glossybox and my Birchbox and what I think of it all!! Both boxes have a theme this month, Glossybox's is 'High Flyers' and Birchbox teamed up with magazine InStyle.

Glossybox's monthly subscription is £12.95 including P+P

BirchBox's monthly subscription also comes in at £12.95 including P+P

So, Glossybox's theme this month is 'High-flyers' which is very appropriate for the time of year, but also a very similar theme to BirchBox last month. Either way, these products are supposed to help you whilst up in the air or away on your travels. The places the companies featured are also listed, although I have two products from the USA, so it makes me feel less like they scoured the earth looking for the best products suited for the cabin and for the foreign climes, which I think was the idea. Anyway - onto the products!!

The contents of my Glossybox!!
Juicy Couture's 'Viva La Juicy Noir' £47.00 for 50ml
Receiving this product is a little annoying as I already own the full size, but then again I guess I'd rather get a perfume sample of a perfume I like so much I've already bought it than one I know I'd never wear! Obviously I love the smell of this, it's a great perfume for both day and night, it's definitely on the sweeter side of perfumes - expect a full review from me in the coming weeks!

Emite Eyelasher Curlers £20
I really like when beauty boxes include products which will last longer than a sample, like brushes, mirrors and in this case eyelash curlers. I do own a pair or two of these, but I always forget I have them and some people swear by the transformation they make to the appearance of your eyes so I think this is a great chance for me to give them a whirl!!

Philosophy's Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser £17.50 for 240ml
Philosophy is a brand I've always wanted to try out but have always been put off by the price of their products. I haven't actually tried this out yet but I do like the idea of a one stop shop for taking all your make up off and getting rid of the dirt and grime of the day. I think a product like this would be ideal for the plane or whilst you're away as you don't want to be taking loads of lotions and potions and all the recycled air within a plane cabin can clog your skin up in no time! Glossybox also have a subscriber's offer with this product, you can get five pounds of a full size at a Debenhams counter if you take along with you the voucher included, score!

Jelly Pong Pong's 2-in-1 Shadow/Liner in Plum £10.50
Jelly Pong Pong is a brand which frequents both in Glossy and Birch, so through both my subscriptions I've gotten to know the brand quite well, although I haven't seen it in any shops. This isn't necessarily a colour I would pick out for myself, although it does work well as both a liner and a shadow, as it blends out really easily, and works great as either product.

Oceane's Make-up Remover Pen Not Available in the UK

Although I haven't tried this specific brand of make-up remover pen, I've tried others and can only assume the same faults come with this brands' version too. I love the idea of these, it easily fits in your make-up bag, and if that cat eye of yours goes a bit funny, you can sort it out no probs with the aid of this little beauty. The idea of it is great, but after one use of removing that carbon black eyeliner of bright red lipstick, you can't use it again, or you could try, and leave yourself with questionable smears all over your face. I think this is something I'll save for more special occasions, or when space is truly at a premium, and stick to a cotton bud and my trusty Bioderma until then. 


Onto BirchBox and what came in it this month. As I mentioned, Birch have teamed up with InStyle magazine and offer a reduced subscription to all BirchBox subcribers, which I think is a nice little perk if you're a fan of the magazine! It also came with a lifestyle extra in the form of a wee pack of flavoured popcorn (mine was a spicy tomato flavour, which I enjoyed very much!) but my problem is in the excitemnt of opening my boxes I ate them without thinking you guys might want to see them!! Whoops!! All full size products from this box can be purchased full size on their online shop

What I received in my BirchBox!! This also came with a pack of popcorn
which I devoured before I could photograph it - whoops!!

Bluemandarines' SkinLife Energetic Cellular Cream Full Size £35.00
This Moisturiser is supposed to bright up skin and refresh your skin, and claims to do an all manner of other skin voodoo with protecting stem cells amongst other things. This product has a rather large price tag attached to it, but I'll have to give this product a serious whirl before investing in it.

Motibel.lo's Gold Oil Essence Full Size £22.50

Oils, oils, oils, the oil is here to stay, whether that be an all-purpose, a body, or in the case of this, a hair oil. I personally like hair oils, the ones I've tried, when used sparingly have made a real difference to the texture and the resilience of my hair, and hopefully this one will do the same.

Gerda Spillmann's Hydro Pearls Full Size £30.00

Gerda Spillmann is another brand I've learnt of through the beauty box world, and I suppose I could take it or leave it really. I've found none of their products particularly groundbreaking, especially for the price attached to them, and I feel this primer is the same, I think it's nothing special, and definitely not £30 special.

LAQA & Co. Lip Pencil in Wolfman Full Size £14.00

LAQA & Co are a brand I've always browsed over but never taken the plunge and bought anything from them. The colour I received is a bit light for me as I have quite dark lips, but I'm going to make it work, both the texture and pigmentation are nice!!

Molton Brown's Ylang Ylang Body Wash Full Size £18.00 
A very nice body wash, very decadent, and it smells very nice too, although I could never justify spending almost £20 on a shower gel.

BirchBox Gel Mask £10.00
Birchbox every now and again include one of their own products, and this month it is a gel mask. I quite like this extra as everyone will be able to use it and all you need is a fridge! Nice and cooling and great for a pamper night in.

So! That's what I got and what I thought. I got some really nice products in these boxes, I'm particularly chuffed with the eyelash curlers! I'd love to know which box/products you like, if you're subbed to either box or got different things to me!! Let me know down in the comments!!

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