Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bumble and Bumble Surf Foam Wash Shampoo and Creme Rinse Conditioner

‘Beach hair’ seems to be a big beauty topic during the summer months and probably one of my favourite, although I don’t seem to be able to ever get it unless I have literally just been swimming in the sea…sigh. Bumble and Bumble already have a Surf Spray on the market that is hugely popular and has been for years, then earlier this year they whipped up this duo, to make their surf collection a trio! All the ‘surf’ products smell lovely and fresh and do actually remind me of being on holiday, not the best thought in the 6:30am shower before work! This duo promises “buoyant body” and “sea breezy texture” which I think is enough to suck anybody in!

Both are made with a blend of sea salt, minerals and sea botanicals. The foam wash shampoo lathers up just fine in cleaner hair, but for squeaky clean results from dirtier hair, I would suggest using a normal shampoo first and then using this one. I use the creme rinse conditioner all over, rather than just focusing on the ends and it doesn't leave the hair feeling limp or weighed down.  Bumble and Bumble have got the balance of nourishing and texturising just right whilst still being lightweight! For you girls with badly damaged hair from colouring or heat, I am not sure that you will get the desired effect (please let me know if you have damaged hair and have tried this duo!). These do not work as an everyday shampoo and conditioner and you can start to see and feel build-up of the product on your scalp, I save these for the days when I specifically want this look! I leave my hair to dry naturally after washing my hair and then control the final look with some sea salt spray and a bit of back combing!

I tested out the 60ml sized bottles from the limited edition surf set but these products are usually 250ml full size, at a hefty £18.50 for the shampoo and £20.00 for the conditioner. I could see them lasting a long time, but this would be due to me not using the product on a regular basis, rather than the product going a long way. Overall, I think I would repurchase the conditioner, although the shampoo is good, I think the conditioner does a perfect job on its own!

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