Saturday, 17 August 2013

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

I have always heard good things about Bobbi Brown, but especially their Long Wear Gel Liner, so when I had the chance to snap this up at IMATS, I did! This product has been given various awards including Best Liquid/Gel Eye Liner in the InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2013.

Bobbi Brown do try and offer you their own liner brush for application, but I turned down that offer and stuck with my trusty Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush. The packaging is pretty average, a standard glass pot with a screw top lid.

Right, so here is my make-up confession... I am absolutely terrible at applying liquid liner! I don't know what's wrong with me, but I just end up with two big panda eyes so therefore I will always stick to a gel! I feel you get a lot more control with a gel and the consistency is very easy to work with. The only downfall to this perfect consistency, is that you can never seem to get that same bold pigmentation as you can with a liquid liner. In comparison to other drug-store gel liners, the pigmentation of Bobbi Brown's is a lot better, although this does dull down after about 7 hours + wear time.

This liner is creamy and smooth meaning it simply glides on without any tugging to the eyelid. Bobbi Brown advise that you should wipe excess off the brush before applying, I have never done this and have had no problems with messy or bad application.

My favourite aspect of this liner, is that it isn't a thick product that builds up on the brush, which also means you can layer it up on your eyelid depending on how bold you want your look. Sometimes I even find myself outlining the shape I want first, and then going over it again with heavier application, a really easy product to use!

This liner does last a full day, but as previously mentioned does dull down, and you may feel you want to top it up to get your bold, black line back. I have experienced some transfer onto the top of my eyelid, but bear in mind I do get quite oily eyelids and this can be easily prevented with a primer or by setting the liner with some eye shadow.

This product is definitely going to remain in my make-up bag and I can see myself repurchasing. I think this would be ideal for a beginner as it is really easy to play around with!

Are you a gel or liquid fan?

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