Sunday, 28 July 2013

Toni & Guy Nourish Deep Conditioning Mask For Blonde Hair Review

Back a year or two ago, before the 'Hair Meets Wardrobe' campaign at Toni & Guy, I would have sworn by them. I lived and died by their volume shampoo and various other products, and was very happy to stay loyal to the brand, however, when the new 'Hair Meets Wardrobe' campaign came out, not only did the look of the brand change, but also the products inside of them. The signature T&G scent was gone (which smells a lot like Gucci Rush, if you were wondering), any type of volume shampoo, gone. The world of my hair was turned upside down and although I do own a few bits from T&G, I have now started branching out to other brands because this new (and more expensive line) does not fit the bill for me at all.

This product retails for £7.19

However when I was in Boots on the hunt for a mask for my dip dyed hair, this little guy was the thing that sprung out at me. Toni & Guy nowadays bar one have only colour specific treatments for brunettes and blondes (what about those in between?! Or those red or black haired beauties out there?!) but I chose the blonde mask because that is the colour of the ends of my hair and that is where I need the most help in keeping my hair looking healthy. I also thought I might give this brand a chance to redeem itself decided to try this not as a Toni & Guy product but as a product in it's own right!! And I must say I was pleasantly surprised!

I'm lucky to be blessed with quite thick hair, and I made the best decision ever to grow my hair long at the grand old age of 4 but I didn't make the mistake of dying it until I was 17. Although I am frequently asked whether my hair is mine or not (it is guys, no extensions over here) and people always reply 'but it's soooo looooong' which is true, but I guess I've never really appreciated my hair because it's always been there. But after using this mask a couple of times (I typically use it 2-3 times a week, depending on how much I want to pamper myself) I found myself literally just staring in awe of my hair, and ordering my nearest and dearest to touch it and bask in it's amazingness. It just looked so much more healthy and nice. I don't know whether it was this mask in particular that made such a good change (I've foolishly never had a hair mask before) but either way I am extremely pleased with the results. Any hair product that makes you think sitting at home and staring at your hair a good way to spend time HAS to be good. The price is slightly steep, but in my books worth it (your hair is a permanent accessory, after all!) and one I'd be willing to pay again!

What's your favourite hair mask?
Do you like Toni & Guy's 'Hair Meets Wardrobe' venture or are you pleading for the old range to be back on your shelves?

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