Monday, 26 August 2013

MAC Make-Up Wipes

As much as I try to stick to a good night time skin care routine, some nights you just need your make-up to be off as soon as possible with no hassle, and that is usually where the old faithful make-up wipe comes in. There are so many brands out there doing their own kind of wipe, all boasting different qualities. The majority of drug-store make-up wipes I have come across do the job you need them to, but I also find that they leave your skin feeling dry and damaged, rip out your eyelashes and always dry out in the packet!

Every time I visit my local MAC counter, the MUA will always have one of these babies to hand, whether it is for my face, lips or to merely wipe swatches from the back of my hand and I have always really noticed how moist they are. I realise how silly that sounds, but I find your average wipe dries out before you finish removing all of your make-up, MAC’s make-up wipes do not, they are tough on removing make-up and yet still super gentle on your skin, so no stingy eyes! I don’t feel that my skin is dry after using these, as they are infused with Vitamin E, but I still feel I need to moisturise, because after all it is still just a wet wipe. These make-up wipes are a good size as well, one wipe always does the job, in comparison to some brands with TINY wipes!  I love the scent of these wipes, fresh and non-chemically and I am not sure if I am the only person who thinks this, but they smell like “being at a MAC counter”…

I love that these wipes actually have a hard plastic re-sealable lid to keep the product fresh! This is an ideal product for lighter make-up days, drunken evenings or those lazy days where taking your make-up off is the biggest chore in the world, so whilst you are skipping a thorough cleanse, tone and moisturise, your face isn’t being ripped to shreds!

My only gripe is the ridiculous price of these wipes, at a whopping £19.50 for 100 sheets (I got these discounted at IMATS, thank god!) I think you have to swear by these to be able to justify a repurchase! Overall, a good product, but I think the same amount of money could go towards a high end make-up remover which would be a lot better for your skin!

How do you remove your make-up?

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