Tuesday, 30 July 2013

MAC Face Protect SPF 50 Review

With all this very lovely weather here in the UK, everyone finishing up for the school year and seeking foreign shores, I thought it would be rather appropriate to talk about something which may be overlooked whilst basking in the glorious sun - protection. If I'm a little OCD on something, it's sun protection. I've experienced many sunny days in my time, yet I only have one set of skin, so I choose to protect it. A whole range of products contain SPF, be it BB creams, lip balms or even blushers but instead of trying to get the right cocktail of products on my face to protect it, I thought I take the plunge and try out MAC's answer to the problem.

This product comes in a 30ml size and retails for £23.00

Well, what can I say about this product? It works, my nose isn't peeling or even remotely affected by the Sun's mean ol' rays. But I suppose what I'm more impressed with is how it works underneath make-up. You could easily slap underneath your make-up your bog standard sun cream which would be super sticky, you'd wait an age for it to sink in and probably not help in the longevity of your foundation. However, this sinks in easily, leaving your face nice and soft and primed for whatever you wish to with your face, be it leaving it au natural or putting on that war paint.

I would recommend this product, especially to my pale home boys and girls out there. I don't put a price on my health, including the health of my skin, coincidentally this product is £23.00, which I do understand is a stretch for some budgets, but I think if you're willing to spend that on 30ml of perfume, you should be willing to spend that on 30ml of skin saviour. But hey, as long as you guys out in the blogosphere are keeping yourself protected, I'm sure other cheaper, drugstore products will do that same thing. And if you're looking a budget hangout after spending all your money on this, head to Club Tropicana, I hear the drinks are free!

Where are you guys heading this summer?
Do you have a favourite skincare brand?

Let us know!!

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