Sunday, 14 July 2013

Beauty VIP: Is It Worth It?

Everybody loves a good offer & when it comes to beauty products the words "free" and "discount" always suck me in! When I was browsing the Nails Inc website earlier in the year, I noticed that they were offering a years 'VIP Membership' for only £5.00! This was my first sighting of this type of offer and I was instantly sold. Nails Inc offer a free full-size polish when you join, 10% off of every online order, a £5.00 gift during your birthday month along with the chance to be able to collect 'VIP Points' with each order. So, I added this membership to my basket and looked forward to reaping the benefits! With my order I received my free full-size nail polish, although you can't choose the colour you receive, or swap it, I received 'Chester Street' and I love it! I joined in March and I couldn't wait to see what my birthday gift would be in May!

'Chester Street'
Whilst I was patiently waiting for my birthday month to arrive, I was picking up some goodies in The Body Shop, when the lovely lady at the checkout asked if I wanted to join their 'Love Your Body' VIP scheme for £5.00 and receive a free sign-up gift... my answer was so obvious, of course I wanted to join! I signed up by filling in a leaflet and then the sales assistant made me up a Love Your Body membership card. When I joined the free gift was a 30ml hand cream and I chose from the almond range, I was a bit annoyed that this wasn't full-size! The Body Shop's membership scheme offers very similar benefits to Nails Inc including the free sign-up gift, a £5.00 gift during your birthday month and 10% off of all purchases.

There are a few slight differences between both schemes, Nails Inc offers the chance to collect 'VIP Points' which are redeemable against future purchases (5 points = £5), whereas The Body Shop runs a stamps system. On the actual Love Your Body card there is space to collect stamps, you will gain 1 stamp for every £10 spent, then on your 4th stamp you will receive a gift worth £5.00 and on your 8th stamp you will receive a gift worth £10.00, I haven't hit either, so couldn't comment on the quality of the freebies! The Nails Inc VIP Membership is solely based on, which I think is a real down fall as The Body Shop's Love Your Body scheme runs online and in-store with your unique card number. 

So my birthday month came around and I received e-mails from both companies within the first week with my birthday gift. I was actually expecting an actual product to come in the post, (maybe my expectations were too high!) but instead I received a £5.00 gift voucher from both companies, the Nails Inc voucher was redeemable on and the Body Shop voucher was redeemable in-store.

Overall, I feel I have benefited more from the Nails Inc VIP offer, as generally their products are quite expensive and you feel like you are making quite a saving. I have actually only used my Love Your Body card once and I wouldn't really recommend it, as to a normal customer they offer so many deals and discounts anyway in the form of online sales and voucher codes, that you aren't making any real extra savings with the card!

Are you a VIP member?
Have you heard of any other companies offering similar memberships?
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