Tuesday, 30 July 2013

MAC Face Protect SPF 50 Review

With all this very lovely weather here in the UK, everyone finishing up for the school year and seeking foreign shores, I thought it would be rather appropriate to talk about something which may be overlooked whilst basking in the glorious sun - protection. If I'm a little OCD on something, it's sun protection. I've experienced many sunny days in my time, yet I only have one set of skin, so I choose to protect it. A whole range of products contain SPF, be it BB creams, lip balms or even blushers but instead of trying to get the right cocktail of products on my face to protect it, I thought I take the plunge and try out MAC's answer to the problem.

This product comes in a 30ml size and retails for £23.00

Well, what can I say about this product? It works, my nose isn't peeling or even remotely affected by the Sun's mean ol' rays. But I suppose what I'm more impressed with is how it works underneath make-up. You could easily slap underneath your make-up your bog standard sun cream which would be super sticky, you'd wait an age for it to sink in and probably not help in the longevity of your foundation. However, this sinks in easily, leaving your face nice and soft and primed for whatever you wish to with your face, be it leaving it au natural or putting on that war paint.

I would recommend this product, especially to my pale home boys and girls out there. I don't put a price on my health, including the health of my skin, coincidentally this product is £23.00, which I do understand is a stretch for some budgets, but I think if you're willing to spend that on 30ml of perfume, you should be willing to spend that on 30ml of skin saviour. But hey, as long as you guys out in the blogosphere are keeping yourself protected, I'm sure other cheaper, drugstore products will do that same thing. And if you're looking a budget hangout after spending all your money on this, head to Club Tropicana, I hear the drinks are free!

Where are you guys heading this summer?
Do you have a favourite skincare brand?

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Updates, Updates, Updates!

After 7 months, over 6000 views and 51 posts later, we've decided to make a few changes to our lovely little blog. As you may have noticed our header has changed and we are in the process of making our blog look a little more homely. We've recently created ourselves a Facebook page, where you can be updated on all our goings on without having to check back for any new posts, we've also decided to add a little more structure to our blog with Alice posting every Wednesday and Emma posting every Saturday! Another exciting venture for us is that in the near future we'll be creating YouTube videos ranging from tags to tutorials and everything in between!! We thank everyone who reads our blog, we both really do appreciate it and are looking forward to what the future has in store for us!!


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Toni & Guy Nourish Deep Conditioning Mask For Blonde Hair Review

Back a year or two ago, before the 'Hair Meets Wardrobe' campaign at Toni & Guy, I would have sworn by them. I lived and died by their volume shampoo and various other products, and was very happy to stay loyal to the brand, however, when the new 'Hair Meets Wardrobe' campaign came out, not only did the look of the brand change, but also the products inside of them. The signature T&G scent was gone (which smells a lot like Gucci Rush, if you were wondering), any type of volume shampoo, gone. The world of my hair was turned upside down and although I do own a few bits from T&G, I have now started branching out to other brands because this new (and more expensive line) does not fit the bill for me at all.

This product retails for £7.19

However when I was in Boots on the hunt for a mask for my dip dyed hair, this little guy was the thing that sprung out at me. Toni & Guy nowadays bar one have only colour specific treatments for brunettes and blondes (what about those in between?! Or those red or black haired beauties out there?!) but I chose the blonde mask because that is the colour of the ends of my hair and that is where I need the most help in keeping my hair looking healthy. I also thought I might give this brand a chance to redeem itself decided to try this not as a Toni & Guy product but as a product in it's own right!! And I must say I was pleasantly surprised!

I'm lucky to be blessed with quite thick hair, and I made the best decision ever to grow my hair long at the grand old age of 4 but I didn't make the mistake of dying it until I was 17. Although I am frequently asked whether my hair is mine or not (it is guys, no extensions over here) and people always reply 'but it's soooo looooong' which is true, but I guess I've never really appreciated my hair because it's always been there. But after using this mask a couple of times (I typically use it 2-3 times a week, depending on how much I want to pamper myself) I found myself literally just staring in awe of my hair, and ordering my nearest and dearest to touch it and bask in it's amazingness. It just looked so much more healthy and nice. I don't know whether it was this mask in particular that made such a good change (I've foolishly never had a hair mask before) but either way I am extremely pleased with the results. Any hair product that makes you think sitting at home and staring at your hair a good way to spend time HAS to be good. The price is slightly steep, but in my books worth it (your hair is a permanent accessory, after all!) and one I'd be willing to pay again!

What's your favourite hair mask?
Do you like Toni & Guy's 'Hair Meets Wardrobe' venture or are you pleading for the old range to be back on your shelves?

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Monday, 8 July 2013

The IMATS Experience 2013

2013 marks our first visit to the International Make-up Artists Trade Show, or as it is commonly known on the blogosphere, IMATS. We made the trip up to London, got up at the crack of dawn to experience the wonders of the famed trade show, and thought we'd give you a guided tour of our day.

As neither of us are in possession of a pro card, we weren't able to attend the Friday evening MUA only event, (although we are both students, so got a discount on the entrance price - which was £35 for one day) but were eager to snap up the bargains so decided to attend the Saturday and get there for when the event opened, which was a brisk 8:30am. We arrived at the right time as there was still a queue we had to join, but it doubled in size in a wee 5 minutes, luckily the folks of IMATS have got it down and it moved surprisingly quickly, and we were inside. A very good point to make on IMATS which we learnt very quickly, most stalls do not get any more stock, so when it's gone, it's gone, so if you're there for a few certain products, we'd recommend you getting there as early as you can. We were also surprised as to how busy it actually was, Kensington National Hall is massive and was was brimming with MUAs and beauty enthusiasts alike, the atmosphere was a nice one too, everyone was very polite, and patient, although getting yourself in front of the tester you'd like to try is a bit of a pain! Devise yourself a strategy, whether it is pick up the products you really want to try out but it's hard for you to get hold of, critically acclaimed products, or just your favourite brand. Another thing to think about is what you're going to eat and drink whilst you're there. A bottle of coke was priced at a hefty £2.50 so bring plenty of provisions with you to get you through the day.




There is a massive range of products available at the trade show, with a huge range of beauty hall vendors, brush vendors as well as prosthetics specialists selling stage make-up too, so whatever you're there for, you'll be able to pick it up, and may get it for a discount too! Discounts range from vendor to vendor, we managed to get 35% off at the MAC Pro stand, and NARS was a whopping 60% off, with deals like this and IMATS only rolling into the UK once a year, these deals are definitely something to take advantage of, but ladies (and potentially gentlemen) some restrain is needed. You will be surprised how quickly your money goes, even with a crazy amount off! We both set ourselves a £150 budget, not all stands take card and not all stands take cash, so being prepared with both will save you heartache when you finally get to the till with your arms full of products. There is a cash point within the hall, but the queue was ridiculous all day long, so draw your money out the before you get there! Each booth has a different system employed to get everyone served and seen to as quick as possible. MAC employed a sort of raffle ticket system, the brush vendors with large stands gave you baskets and you could fill them up and then give them to a staff member, but ultimately this is not for the impatient nor the claustrophobic, so be prepared to stand and wait with a lot of other people standing and waiting, this especially stands for the bigger brands, so going there knowing what you want and potentially trying it out in your nearest concession could save you a lot of time and agro! Within the IMATS hall there isn't just brands selling themselves, there are also online stores selling a range of brands, some of which aren't representing themselves at the event. With this in mind, it is a good idea to see which stand is selling the product you're after for the cheapest. We found asking around we got the famed Ben Nye's Banana Powder for £3 less than what it was being sold at at a different vendor.



Not only are there great deals to be snapped up whilst visiting IMATS, there are also brands showcasing their products on models as well as school and academies showcasing their talents too. Places like London Make-up School and West Thames College have stands, students and lecturers alike ready to give you all the information you need on their courses, this is a great way to find out what sort of courses are out there and to see what they offer and if it sounds like something you'd be interested in. Models are made up head to toe in prosthetics and stage make-up and walk around the hall, and quite enjoy creeping up on you. There is absolutely no issue with taking photos of the models during and after their transformation, so don't be shy and get snap happy as they really are a sight to be seen. Another highlight of the show is the student competition, six students are picked compete and create a look on a model and are judged mid afternoon on the Saturday. We were lucky to stumble upon the finalists' photo shoot and get a great look at the what the students had come up with. Talks are also held throughout the day from various people from the profession, so definitely have a look into those and keep an eye on the time because there aren't any general announcements (except for on the app) so you don't want to miss out! If you are lucky to have a smartphone, we'd highly recommend downloading the app, as it lets you know which brands are vending, what talks/demonstrations are going on and with who as well as letting you make lists of what products you want, how you're getting there and if you're staying somewhere over night.



Tucked upstairs was this fabulous little exhibition showcasing some moulds and prosthetics from the big screen. After a long morning of shopping, dropping was in order and we went and had a look at this and were pleasantly surprised. It was nice to get away from the mad rush downstairs and have a look at some damn impressive pieces of work. We definitely did stumble upon this and it wasn't readily advertised so do have a little explore and see what you come across!!

IMATS was a brilliant experience for the pair of us. We got to do one of our favourite past times, see some brilliant make up and had a really good day out. It is also a great way to see your favourite bloggers and youtubers (we had a lovely little chat with TalkBeckyTalk - she is so nice!!) so whether you're heading to the next event in Vancouver or simply thinking about the next event near you, we would both highly recommend attending! This is a really great day (or indeed weekend if you plan to go both days) out, even if you're not from the area, make a weekend of it and see a bit of the city it's in (the places IMATS visits are fantastic cities in their own right - do a little exploring and be a mega tourist!) we will for sure be attending next year probably a bit more prepared than this one! We bet you're wondering what we bought whilst there - you'll have to wait for our first ever video to find out!!

Did you attend or are planning to attend an IMATS event this year?
What did you think?! Do you have any strategies?
We'd love to hear from you, let us know what you think!!