Friday, 28 June 2013

Tag: How much is your face worth?

So if you can't guess the gist of this tag from the name, you basically have to list the price of all the products you have used in your make-up routine and tot them all up to see how much your face is worth! I recently seem to be investing in more and more higher end products and took part in this tag mainly because I am curious to see how many different products I use in my basic daily make-up and how much it is really costing me!

So this all adds up to a hefty £225.89, which is actually a big shock, bearing in mind this is my basic every day look, so a look involving more extreme eye make-up would be alot nearer the £300 mark...oops! Luckily, some of these items were gifts or part of beauty boxes, which makes me feel the tiniest bit less guilty about how much I splash out on beauty products!

How much is your face worth?

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