Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Benefit: They're Real Mascara

Since the release of Benefit's They're Real, I haven't really read about any other mascaras as this one seems to be everybody's holy grail at the moment! I naturally have quite long eyelashes (thank you lord), and choosing a mascara is never really a big fuss, pretty much nothing disappoints me and nothing amazes me, until, I purchased this in a mad duty free spending frenzy!

The brush in this mascara is absolutely perfect, with firm bristles for precision from root to tip and a rounded tip for even those tiniest of lashes and the corners of your eyes! I have experienced no clumping at all with this mascara, even with a couple of layers! The longevity is amazing, to the point where this is actually a bit harder than your average drug store mascara to remove, wipes or a liquid eye make-up remover have worked fine, just takes a bit more elbow grease! The product also doesn't dry out throughout the day, I find some macara's can make your lashes look 'hard', but by the end of the day this still looks as good as when you first applied it!

As I previously mentioned, I did buy this duty-free to try and take the sting off the high £19.50 price tag, but I can honestly say it is worth every penny as it does exactly what it says on the tin! The main element the would make me want to re-purchase is actually the brush, as I hate to admit it but sometimes my mascara application is quite slack and I end up with mascara blobs under my eyes, but the tip of the brush really helps!

Boots.com are currently offering a free gift with each They're Real purchase, so this should be the perfect time for you to snap this one up!

Are you a Benefit fan or is it all just fancy packaging?

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