Monday, 6 May 2013

L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique CC Cream

L'Oreal Paris Nude Magique CC Cream: £9.99

So you think you have just got to grips with your BB Cream? Now you need to get to know your CC Cream!

A CC Cream is a colour correcting product, with all the benefits of the trusted BB Cream, but with added tone correcting qualities. There are already similar concealers and creams on the market, but it seems they are only just creeping into the local drug store. There are plenty of brands releasing their own versions at the moment, but L'Oreal have released 3 different varieties, a green toned cream to tackle redness, a peach toned cream to tackle fatigue and a purple toned cream to tackle dullness. I picked up the anti-redness version as this is the thing I have the most problem with out of the three.

Similar to L’Oreals BB cream, this product has ‘smart pigment capsules’ that activate once the product is worked into the skin. The cream dispenses as a very light, green toned product, but once rubbed into the skin, it turns into a more foundation-like base. The product does leave a very sheer and nude look on the skin and does give very good coverage. I think this product is absolutely ideal for a night out on holiday, its always nicer to have a lighter coverage due to humidity and heat.

The only downfall is that this product only comes in one shade, which is annoying, as this one is a little too dark for my skin tone, so I wouldn't be able to use this as a base product and haven’t been able to test it on that basis.

At £9.99 I don’t think it is a terrible price at all & I would definitely recommend trying it if you have a holiday coming up soon!

Have you tried this range? Are you sold by BB & CC creams?
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