Monday, 13 May 2013

Body Shop Lip & Cheek Tint Review

About a month ago my mum went to a Body Shop party and because she spent a certain amount she was gifted this jazzy little product, but as she thought the shade was a little scary, this lovely little thing ended up in my make-up bag instead. As an owner of the well known Benefit's Benetint I was eager to see what other brands offer up as an alternative to the hyped up tint.

What the product looks like, this retails for £10.00

What the product looks like on! I've got it both on my lips and cheeks!

This product comes in what looks like a lip gloss tube, with a doe foot applicator, this means it is super easy to apply and also a great handbag product. On my lips I apply this like I would a lip gloss and I feel it adds a nice rouge to your lips and would be a great quick fix for those in a rush looking for something to add a little extra to their lips. However, the main thing I've been using this product for is a cheek tint. This has a sort of gel consistency (whereas Benetint is very runny!) and although you could easily blend this with your finger (and it does work wonderfully if you do) I like to team this with a synthetic brush (I use the contour brush by Real Techniques, which I have reviewed which you can check out here) and really buff this product into the skin and buff it out. I think this is fab as a cheek colour, I will admit, it looks scary in the tube, but once on, with my rather pale complexion it looks amazing!! This is my go-to cheek colour at the moment if I'm not wanting to contour or in a bit of a hurry. It's a versatile shade and goes well with itself, a nude or even a bright shade or lipstick. It looks really natural on my skin tone, although I'm not so sure on how it would look on someone not as pale as I am.

This is a great 2-in-1 product, and is ideal for holidays/festivals with it's no fuss application and convenient size. It's also almost half the price of Benetint, and in my opinion, better!! When this baby runs out I will for sure be repurchasing as it has been an absolute saviour when I've needed to be ready pronto!!

Have you tried any 2-in-1 tints? What did you think? Let us know!!

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