Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Vo5 'Give Me Texture': Dry Texturising Spray

Vo5 Dry Texturising Spray: £3.49

My hair is naturally very straight, leading to it sometimes being very limp and flat, I am super jealous of girls with natural waves in their hair (cough cough.. Alice). It may sound odd, but to get a decent style out of my hair e.g. for a night out, it needs to be dirty, and even then I will use volumising and texturising products to help me along the way.

This is where Vo5's Dry Texturising Spray comes in. I spray this product through the ends of my hair and then scrunch it in my hands to get a wavy effect, I also spray at the roots to help add some volume. I absolutely love how simple this product is to use, and how quickly it works. Before I found this spray, I used dry shampoo to add some texture to my hair, which does leave residue. Vo5's Texturising Spray is a really light spray, leaving a lot less build-up in the hair and it doesn't weigh the roots down, as too much dry shampoo can sometimes do! This product is also good for holding in curls, as sometimes hairspray can be too heavy for this and stick the curls together. 

The main reason I actually bought this product, is the fact that it is in an aerosol spray can, rather than a spritz bottle that all other texturising/sea salt sprays seem to come in. I do love the idea of these more water based kinds of sea salt spray's, and the effect they give, but I don't feel that it is a quick process as they usually need to be teamed with a blow-dry for a decent outcome, and if I am honest, when it comes to my hair I am looking for something quick and easy! Overall, the only thing I dislike about this product is that the smell is really chemical and manufactured, but at £3.49 a bottle, this is not a huge problem. Will definitely be re-purchasing!

Have you tried any other products from this range?

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