Saturday, 13 April 2013

MAC Brow Set in 'Clear'

MAC Brow Set in 'Clear': £12.50

So, last year I purchased MAC's Brow Set in the colour 'Show-Off' as it was recommended to me to help take the harshness of the colour of my eyebrow pencil away, so that my eyebrows weren't a thick brown compared to my red hair. I used the product until I was scraping the sides of the tube, I loved it! Now, a year on, and with very different eyebrows with very different needs, I thought I would give the 'Clear' Brow Set a try, as I have a lot of natural brow hair (its not just pencil anymore!) that is quite long and does fall out of place. That could sound really silly to somebody who doesn't have a religious brow routine, but as the lovely man in MAC told me, this really is like hairspray for your brows!

Once you have applied your desired make-up to your brows, you simply sweep the mascara-like wand over your brows, make sure the hairs are where you want them... and voila! This product literally lasts until you take it off, and it is not obvious that you are wearing it at all. I have found similar products can leave white residue through the eyebrow, but there is no signs of this with MAC Brow Set.

10/10 from me in both the clear and coloured formats and if you are thinking "...but isn't it just a clear mascara?", I can tell you, you are so wrong.

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