Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Lush's Popcorn Lib Scrub Review

Lush are well known for their animal and eco friendly approach to make-up, hair and skin care, and are passionate about animal welfare not only in their products but other brands' too, leading to the ban of animal tested products on cosmetics within the EU (well done, guys!!) Most of their products look good enough to eat, so I decided to pick up one that actually is, in the form of one of their Lip Scrubs!

What to look for in store! This and all the other lip scrubs from Lush retail
at £5.25

What the product looks like!

The Popcorn flavour was originally made for seasonal release at Christmas time, but it has been so popular it's landed itself a place in the permanent collection! With the weather in the UK being so temperamental at the moment (well, it always is) my lips always seem to take a bit of a battering! I've found with this product that if you eat too much (you will be tempted to, believe me!) you do feel a tad queezy because let's face it, there is a lot of sugar salt in this wee tub. But once you've found the right amount to use for you, giving it a good rub and licking off the delicious excess is a breeze! like leaves your lips looking and feeling super soft and tasting delicious. I tend to follow up with a balm afterwards to prolong that smooth feeling, but it will work fine on it's own. What I will say about this product is, that once you've started using it, you'll find it hard to stop! I think this is the type of thing that once you've used it, you can never look back, which could be taken either way, but I like the way my lips feel after using this so in my book this is a good thing!!

Although this pot is small, it will last a lifetime (that is a slight exaggeration, but it will last you a long time for sure) It's aso super sweet and yummy and effective. I'm slightly embarrassed to say that after food if I've wanted a dessert, I've merrily substituted this little fella in, it's so delicious!! After this beauty has gone, I plan to get the Mint Julips flavour which I think will work fabulously in a nighttime routine!!

What's your favourite Lush product?!
Have you tried any of the lip scrubs? What did you think?!

Let us know!

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  1. I've just purchased the Bubblegum flavour! :) I absolutely love it as well, I couldn't pick between flavours! I think the bubblegum might get a bit sickly though so I might opt for Mint afterwards as well :)

    Anna xo


  2. Oh awesome!! I could imagine, these beauties are soooo sweet!! Delicious though! Fab blog by the way!!