Friday, 29 March 2013

MUA Nail Constellation

MUA Nail Constellation: £3.00

'Caviar Nail' products are a big thing at the moment across a wide range of brands, but MUA Nail Constellation has been my first dabbling! MUA are well known for their high quality products at low prices and retailing at £3.00, you cannot go wrong with this. The product comes in a small plastic bottle with a removable white tip. You first apply your desired base colour & then whilst wet you literally pour the small beads onto the nail, then press lightly to set them into the polish. I foolishly attempted this whilst sat in bed, so let this be a warning to you that application of this product is messy! I applied a clear nail varnish on top hoping this would help secure the product, and i got about 2 days wear out of this - although I do think this would depend on the person and their personal nail care. The idea of this product is so good and the effect it gives is absolutely lovely, although I think I will be saving this for special occasions as I do not feel it is suitable for everyday wear!

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