Monday, 11 March 2013

Glossy Box March 2013

so as usual my Glossybox this month was no let down, with one full size product and products from well known brands. This months theme was 'City Chic' and to keep with the theme a small city guide was included! 'My little travelling book' is filled with recommended city breaks and details of popular sights, bars, shops & restaurants which has definitely got me looking forward to summer!

So, this months goodies included:

- A vial of Juicy Couture: Couture La La - 1.5ml
This is an addition to the Juicy Couture collection that I have not sampled before, but it is absolutely lovely! This fragrance has a very fierce, feminine and floral scent and will be perfect for spring/summer. I have to say I will definitely be looking at this when I browse the duty free shelves this holiday season!
This product seems to be described as an all purpose balm, I tested this on the dry skin on my hands and it left my hands feeling moisturised although they also felt very greasy and looked extremely shiny. This balm is a bright orange colour and squeezes out of the tube in the consistency of Vaseline but as thick as toothpaste. The Glossybox booklet states this could be used to shape brows and I think this would be a good purpose for it due to the consistency, no one wants an unruly brow!

Now I must admit when I was younger, this hairspray was the only product that was strong enough to keep my HUGE emo fringe in place... so I will be the first to recommend it! It does not smell cheap or leave residue or build up in the hair, it holds your hair in place for ages, but is very easy to brush out when needed - a stress free and affordable drug store buy!

I have sampled products from Jelly Pong Pong before, and I really feel they are one of those smaller brands that produces top quality products, but does not get half the recognition it deserves! This product comes in a 'chubby stick' format and application is so simple, this product leaves a really silky and moisturising finish on the lips with long lasting effects, I would love to see new colours being released!

Nails Inc is becoming more and more of a house hold name although I feel the products may be out of some peoples price range at £11 a bottle. This colour is a lovely dusky pink and is opaque after two coats. I did not need to use a top coat with this as the nail polish itself has a glossy finish. This polish dries so quickly, so would be ideal for those in a hurry!

What made this box even more delightful is that it was completely free of charge as I had enough Glossydots to redeem! What products did you receive? 


  1. I'm pleased you're happy with your Glossybox. I got the same box as this, but I don't really like what I got. I don't think I'll be using any of the products...

    1. aww thats a shame! there is always next month, i can't wait!

      lovely blog by the way! xxxxx