Tuesday, 26 March 2013

MAC Lipstick Review: Rebel

If there is one piece of make-up I'm always happy to shell out on, it's lipsticks. And whilst at a recent trip to MAC I wanted pick up a new shade, and Rebel was the one that caught my eye! This satin finish lippy is for sure considered a cult shade and a must-have in your lipstick collection (the youtube sensation Tanya Burr is currently raving about this lipstick!), so I have merrily welcomed it into mine!

Rebel is one of MAC's satin finish lipsticks, and retails at £14.00
The colour of the bullet
A swatch of the colour
Rebel has the signature MAC lipstick scent which to me is just so yummy!! You can really build the colour up with this shade, it looks great rubbed into the lip and used as a stain, or as a full on colour, I think this lippy is really versatile and can be used with a variety of different looks. Purple lips have been a big trend throughout A/W '12 but I honestly think as a lot of trends in S/S are a homage to the nineties  that the dark lip is here to stay!!

What the lippy looks like on

This is a very good investment for those a little bit more daring with their choice of lip colour, I think it could suit a wide variety of skin tones and there certainly is a reason why it is revered as a cut lipstick. I wear/talk about this lipstick so much, even my boyfriend knows the name of it, so if that doesn't say something about it, I don't know what will! So, go on, be bold, be brave, be a... rebel?

What do you guys think of this shade?
What's your favourite MAC lipstick?!


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

BirchBox UK March Box Review

Three months into the BirchBox's takeover of JolieBox in the UK, they have established themselves and are going full steam ahead. This box's theme is 'Role Models' (a nod towards Mother's Day) and is bursting with make-up and beauty goodies as well as a couple extras and magazine brimming with 'how-to's, articles and generally what the company are up to this month!!

The look of this month's box, BirchBoxes retail at £12.95 including postage and packaging.

All the goodies!!

As a big eyeliner wearer, when I saw this on their Facebook page, I knew I wanted this product in my box, and luckily I did!! I was curious about how good quality the built in brush would be, and I was pleasantly surprised! The formula is creamy and super easy to apply and pretty long lasting!! (I don't know how waterproof the baby actually is, but I will have to find out!) A big thumbs up for this nifty little product!!
I received the colour black. You can purchase this along with the purple
version on BirchBox.co.uk for £24.50
What the product and the brush look like when assembled
What the eyeliner looks like on!

What I can only describe as a 'businesswoman scent'. This fragrance describes itself as a spontaneous yet elegant has notes of bergamot, rose and even leather, is a nice subtle scent for the more mature woman. I do like the smell, however I don't really think it suits me, but maybe it will in 15 years time

A 50ml bottle of this fragrance retails for £65.00

I haven't actually got round to trying this product out yet, it smells very heavily of rose (so if that's your thing - great! If not - not so great) and it does have a really smooth, moisturizing consistency! I look forward to trying this one!

The RMK Cleansing Balm in full-size (100g) retails for £29.00

This product is nice and soothing on the skin, and has a subtle scent that wouldn't really conflict with any other scented products but also could be worn on it's own. In 2012 it seems the world discovered oils and this beauty is no different and contains Argan Oil, whether that sells you or not, I don't know.

The RRP of a 200ml bottle is £26.50

Selling itself as Japan's secret to soft skin (complete with a weird little leaflet explaining a not so believable history of the product's rise to fame) it says you can apply this product to any part of your skin (and inclduing lips) but I can tell you for free it does not taste nice. I'm not someone who suffers from particularly dry skin and if I'm honest I haven't noticed that much of a difference to my skin, but maybe it would benefit someone else who did. I honestly don't know how I feel about this product, sure it left my skin feeling soft but I don't think it works better than other products on the market.

The RRP of a 70g tub is £19.50

-6 Beauty Extra! Sanctuary 30 Day Thermal Transformation Mask 3.5ml and 7ml
I was quite surprised to see this as an extra in this month's box as a few months back I received this as an item in GlossyBox! This product you're supposed to use 12 times in a space of 4 weeks (you are given one use) to turn back the clock and make yourself look more radiant and get rid of those fine lines. I'm assuming this product is targeted towards the more mature lady, still being a teenager (only just) means that anti-ageing products are not on the top of my list, but if this product does what it says on the tin and brightens up my skin, I can hardly complain!! Looking forward to using this in the near future!

The full-size set of this treatment costs £27.50

-7 Lifestyle Extra! Lindt LINDOR Chocolate Truffles 50g
I love and I hate BirchBox for including these in the box! I inhaled them in seconds!! Very tasty, ut maybe not so good with Easter inching closer and closer...

I'm not even sorry how fast these went...

Overall I would say this month's box was a really good success! The sample sizes were relatively big and getting two extras is always an added bonus! Not only were the products good, but the magazine is well thought out and has surprisingly good content within!! Great work, BirchBox! Keep it up!!


Saturday, 2 March 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Review

When we saw the new lip lacquers from Rimmel we were both equally as excited! With a lovely selection of eight shades, we tried the colours Luna, Celestial and Stellar.

The three we've tried: Luna, Stellar and Celestial!

The applicator of shade 500 Luna

Colours top to bottom: Luna, Celestial, Stellar

Emma is wearing the shade 501 Stellar

Alice is wearing the shade 101 Celestial

Emma is wearing the shade 500 Luna

This product uses a doe foot applicator and is super easy to apply, they're also crazily pigmented so a quick sweep over the lips is all you need and you're ready to go! With a wide selection of colours, you could use these for an everyday lip, or add a real pop of colour to your look, depending on what you're going for. The finish is fantastic, it's not sticky or tacky like a lip gloss (perfect for a windy day) but gives your lips a real shine without clinging to dry areas on your lips, which you'd be unable to get from a lipstick. We'd also say it's similar to a stain in the sense that when the shine has eventually worn away, the colour remains. These are really long lasting, and after eating and drinking, they stay put on your lips.

We'd highly recommend this product, if high end beauty doesn't suit your budget, these are a modest £5.99 with the benefits of something with a much higher price tag. Seeing as Rimmel have only just launched this product, they have a fab range of colours to suit most occasions and skin tones and we're eager to snap up the rest of the collection!

Have you guys tried this range?
What did you think?

Emma & Alice