Saturday, 23 February 2013

Unilever Compressed Deodorants

Dove Compressed Deodorant: £2.89
Sure Compressed Deodorant: £2.10
Vaseline Compressed Deodorant: £1.90

So after seeing the advert for Unilever's new compressed deodorant's, I instantly wanted to see if the new 75ml would last as long as the normal 150ml that we are all used to! There are three popular brands to choose from: Sure, Dove & Vaseline, but as Sure is my go-to brand I chose 'Sure Bright' to put the compressed can to the test. After a few weeks of daily and sometimes twice-daily use, the can still feels as full as when I started and the product works exactly the same, giving the same protection!

This product has so many bonuses, for those eager to help the environment this is an investment, Unilever state that this product is better for the environment and if everyone converted to these compressed cans then we could save 750 tonnes of CO2 a year! Not only is this product better for the environment, it is better for the consumer as each of the 3 brands have added a new moisturising or protection formula to their deodorant. Another amazing aspect is that my deodorant now fits in my make-up bag! No longer will I have to buy tiny travel-size cans that run out so quickly!

There are no excuses to not purchase this, as all 3 brands have a wide range of scents in the new compressed can formula - so look for the little cans with the green band! (...there is a money back guarantee until 15th May 2013 if you REALLY don't like it!)

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