Saturday, 16 February 2013

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Review.

What the box looks like! RRP: £9.99

The colour I bought - 10A Extra Light Ash Blonde

All the fun stuff you get!! This includes an instruction manual on how to mix and apply the dye, a pump, a set of gloves, developer, colourant and conditioner.

So the other week I noticed my ends were starting to look a little brassy and faded so I decided to give it a new lick of paint and re-dye it using a John Frieda dye! It was only when I got it home that I realised that it was in fact a foam formulation as to your normal dye so was a bit weary of using it to ombre my hair, but thought I might as well go for it and try it out!! The colour I went for is number 10A, which is 'Extra Light Ash Blonde' (I always pick an ash blonde because it will have a built in toner, which means no orangey brassy hair! Yippee!!) I followed the mixing instructions, and applied it as I normally would any other dye (when I ombre I concentrate the product at the tips and comb the product higher and higher up my hair using my fingers). This dye smells so much like ammonia it's unreal, if you don't like that classic, terrifying hair dye smell, this one is certainly not for you! As I was going over previously bleached and dyed hair I only kept the dye on my hair for approximately 20 minutes and I had it wrapped in cling film the duration it was on my hair. 
My hair before using the dye

My hair after following all the steps and blowdrying it.
Whilst i was washing the dye out, I really noticed that my hair felt great! It didn't feel like I had just dyed it, but like I'd conditioned it! I then applied the conditioner given to you in the box which left my hair feeling so so nourished! My ends look exactly as they did before I dyed it and the hair is nice and strong!! The colour that I got was exactly what I was after, a nice natural(ish) looking colour, but with bright ends and gradual gradient, which is what I think I achieved!! Even though I feel my hair hasn't been damaged all that much by using this dye, I would still recommend getting yourself a leave in conditioner after dying your hair (particularly a colour lighter than your natural one!) and who knows, with brilliant results like these, I may have to pop out and get myself a John Frieda one!!


After a few days, I'd shampooed it three times and used the conditioner given to you in the pack once

A Few disclaimers: I used this dye to re-dye my hair, so if you're looking to dye your hair the first time round, I'd recommend getting hold of a bleach before using this for best/similar results to mine (especially if you're using the same colour as me!!) I also used this to ombre my hair, so I can't say for definite how this dye works for roots or dying your hair all over!! I also tried to replicate the same lighting for all photos showing the colour of my hair to make the images as accurate as possible, but there could be a slight difference, I also used flash for all photos.