Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Core Collection Review

One of the beauty products high up on my Christmas list was the core collection from Real Techniques. In the past eighteen months I have discovered and fallen in love with the Pixiwoo ladies, and have been very intrigued to try out Sam's brushes. Since gaining a real interest in make-up I've always focused on eyes and lips and I don't wear foundation so never really thought about investing in a good set of brushes for my face until now. As a vegetarian, I was glad to hear of a collection of brushes that has animal ethics as a main part of their ethos, the brush hairs are synthetic but are very soft and feel fabulous on your skin.

Front to back: Buffing brush, contour brush, pointed foundation brush and detailer brush

Brushes in the complimentary 2-in-1 case and stand. Left to Right: pointed foundation brush, contour brush, detailer brush and buffing brush

The foundation brush is a brush that I don't think I'll use, as I've mentioned I don't wear foundation so it's primary use is lost on me, I did play about applying concealer with it and it did the job. (I also showed the brush to Emma who does use foundation and she said it looked a little on the small side for her liking, but as she didn't actually apply her base with it, she can't give a proper verdict.)

After priming my skin applying concealer (not rubbing in) on problem areas, blemishes and dark circles (I used a mixture of Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer and Maybelline dream lumitouch highlighting concealer) I used the buffing brush to buff it all into the skin. I liked the even finish the brush gave and it really worked the product into the skin. I still had areas such as my dreaded under-eye circles and a few spots which needed extra coverage so I then turned to the detailer brush.

Being a teenager (just) I am still prone to spots, so the detailer brush comes in handy to cover up those imperfections that need extra help hiding. I usually cover spots up using my hands but in the grand scheme of things that isn't the best idea because oily hands over spots won't help them disappear!! I found the detailer helpful with covering up spots (teamed with Collection 2000), although I still found a part of redness did remain (keep in mind this is before I powdered the skin). I found that with covering up my dark circles (using Maybelline) the brush didn't help as much with working the product into the skin and I found it moved around a lot and I ended up using my finger to pat the rest of the product into my skin. Overall I was happy with the way the brush helped work to product into the skin and cover up what needed covering!

After powdering the skin (using MAC studio fix powder) I took to contouring the face. Using the contour brush to apply my bronzer (I used sleek's face form palette) I liked that the brush creates a precise enough line to create a shadow under your cheekbone but not too precise that it looks unnatural.  The brush also makes it easy to blend out the product so adding a blush and/or highlighter is no issue and you can easily use the brush for all of them.

I applied the blush that came in the sleek palette which compliments the bronzer. I prefer a subtle effect of blusher and bronzer so I reached for the buffing brush and used it as a kabuki brush (although Real Techniques make one of those too) to soften the line between both products.

The finished look! I also finished the rest of my make-up.

Overall I would highly recommend the core collection. Before this set the only brushes I owned for my base were blusher brushes and I have noticed a difference in the finish and staying power of my base, particularly the coverage over my blemishes which is fantastic! I'm also fairly new to contouring and the contour brush is a great one for newbies trying to add dimension to their faces. My personal favourite is the buffing brush, it truly does what it says on the tin and really buffing the product into the skin, giving you a great, even base. I would recommend this set, it is affordable at £21.99 for the whole set (that's £6.50 a brush!) but do not fret, quality has not been compromised! I am eager to try the starter set created for eyes and the finishing brushes in the range, I truly see the brushes by Real Techniques as a bargain, if you looked after these beauties and washed them regularly, I can't see why they couldn't last you a long time! A massive thumbs up from me!


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