Monday, 23 December 2013


Hello!! Well, 2013 is almost at an end with Christmas only a couple of sleeps away!! This past month I snuck away to Berlin with my boyfriend!! We had a lovely little weekend away and the Christmas Markets there blew the socks off anything I've seen here in the UK! We were King and Queen tourist, racing around the city trying to squeeze in as much as we could!! I picked a few things up in the airport which I've mentioned in a previous post! After getting back I conquered the mammoth task which is Christmas shopping, managed to have a three separate Christmas dinners with friends which has been amazing - I always find this time of year great to get together with those you hold close! I also popped to the cinema to see Gravity which is a must see!! I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and 2014 starts off with a bang and is even better than 2013!!

Made any New Years Resolutions?
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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Soap & Glory's Yule Monty Review

A lot of people have varying times as to when it is time to truly celebrate Christmas. For some it's the Starbucks red cups, the Coca-Cola advert being aired or the first window on your advent calendar. For me, it's when the enormous Soap & Glory hamper goes on better than half price at Boots (and upon looking it all up, their website too!) Boots' star gift's run Friday-Thursday, so last Friday I had the day off and made a special trip to pick up my Christmas treat and was happy that there was still a mountain of these by the door. Emma and I both sing the praises of S&G and this is the third year we've bought it. Each year the products and bag design change slightly (This year Boots are sporting a special edition bag designed by Jonathan Saunders!) I wanted to write about the 9 full size products you get and what I thought about them!!

Under the tree! The Yule Monty's RRP is £60 but is currently on sale £27

Products L-R The Righteous Butter, Butter Yourself, Hand Food, Sexy Motherpucker XL,
Thick & Fast Mascara, The Scrub Of Your Life, Heel Genius, Sugar Crush Body Wash, Peaches & Clean.

Hand Food 125ml
An all-time favourite of mine, I've definitely used up my fair share of these!! You can never go wrong with this hand cream. A great all-round product for keeping your hands soft and lovely. Great for this time of the year, as well as in the depths of summer as it is not greasy at all and sinks in wonderfully!

The scent of this is bloody heavenly. Super sweet and citrusy scent which if this were a drink, I would drink it all the time!! I think this is the perfect addition to your morning shower routine!!

This body butter I think it their most popular, it does a great job of making your skin super soft as well as making you smell absolutely delicious!! This is in their 'Original Pink' scent family which I think smells lovely and girly!!

Emma unfortunately didn't get on with this product when she tried it (find the review here) but I believe after inspecting both the old and the new bottles it has been reformulated, so I am going to still give this a whirl and report back!!

A nice all-round foot cream, it is advised that you slather this on before bed and wear socks which is a great little tip to make your tootsies nice and soft, it smells nice but not too overpowering which is an added bonus!

I'm currently using and loving this smoothie star moisture lotion, (read my autumn winter favourites here) but when I've finished that up I will be happy to use this as it is a similar formulation but a different scent.

I've used up a whole tube of this before and it is great if you are after lovely soft skin it is very easy to apply and to wash off in the shower, a lovely little treat!

I love that Soap & Glory are adding in some of their make up to their hamper, as I'm a big fan of their line. Last year they included the same mascara and I enjoyed using it! It is a volumising mascara with a very large brush!!
This plumping gloss is not for the faint hearted, and even comes with a mini warning on the back! It is a nice universal shade and I'm sure would look great on anybody who is after that nice big pout!

Also in the hamper is some samples of their new serum - make yourself youthful - as well as a voucher for facial skincare to spend in Boots. I'm excited to put this to the test as I enjoyed  using the Soap & Glory skincare which I have used previously, and I think the voucher is a nice added touch. Out of all the hampers that Boots offer at this time of year this one is definitely my favourite. Soap & Glory are a brand I go back to time and time again and I find that the products are always the perfect mix between quality and value. Snapping at this deal was a no-brainer for me as these products sold separately amount to £72.50, which shows a nice saving even at the £60 RRP for this hamper, let alone saving £45.50, getting a lovely little bag and some vouchers/samples!! As you can see Christmas has well and truly come early for me, scour your larger Boots stores to see if you can still get your hands on this great deal!!

I hope you're having a lovely Christmas time!
Have you been naughty and bought yourself any presents?
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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Alice's Black Friday/Duty Free Haul!

Everybody loves a bargain and although Black Friday is a deep set tradition is the states, I've noticed slowly but surely it becoming a thing here too. There were fights at my local Asda, and everything! I must admit, I definitely did not plan on picking up any of this stuff, but when opportunity knocks, a girl just can't turn a good deal down. So when I popped into the centre to pick up some last minute bits for my trip to Berlin (if you follow me on Instagram, you're probably sick to death of my weekend in Germany!) I was overwhelmed with as much as 50% off, and so I joined the bargain hunters to see what I could find! I thought I'd also include the beauty bits I picked up in the airport as I love spending my leftover currency on duty free high end beauty bits!

I have been eyeing these beautiful shoes up for a good while now, with these also being an Office exclusive, I was delighted to see Office offering 20% off online and in store, giving me that final push to take the plunge and fork out for them. I haven't bought a pair of winter boots yet this season, and I don't have any shoes in this colour, yet they fit fabulously into my wardrobe, in my eyes, a brilliant purchase!

Linea Cross Body Bag - RRP £40 I Paid £20
Upon writing this post this bag is now permanently half price, which is great, as I think this is an absolute steal!! This bag is just my style, and a fab day/night bag with a surprising amount of room - lovely!!

Bobbi Brown Corrector in Porcelain Bisque RRP £18.50 I Paid £16.60
House of Fraser were running a 'Brand Event' with the majority of things being around 40% off, although it went as high as 50% off. Unfortunately the discount in the beauty hall was only 10, but I still picked up this much hyped product which has been working for my dark circles!!

I had quite a few Euros left over after my trip, so I decided to treat myself to this well loved mascara which I got in waterproof, as I currently don't have a waterproof mascara!! So far I've found this mascara is really transformed from a good mascara to a amazing one when you use eyelash curlers (I'm currently using Eyeko's) and is also a bit of a pain to get off, but then most waterproof mascaras are!

Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant RRP £20  I paid 7.99 (approx £5.75)
Now I've had a bit of trouble finding the exact product I bought online, this lip protectant is in a tub, whereas online I can only find it in stick format, so my comparison prices may be a bit off!! Either way this is a lovely lip balm which is great for this time of year, keeping my lips nice and hydrated!!

So after a bit of savvy shopping, I've saved myself a whopping £57.65 - which is a hefty sum! There's two other shops I'd love to give honourable mentions to if you're looking to be saving money over this festive season - American Apparel and Boots. I'm on AA's mailing list and have been sent some fairly good deals by them recently, including percentages off, free products after a minimum spend as well as money off after a minimum spend, the offer I took them up on was £10 off when you spend over £20 in store - which could mean up to half off! Boots are also doing their classic 3 for 2 present deal, as well as a different star gift each week (which runs Thursday to Thursday), a 12 days of Christmas deal which changes daily, deals on perfume, points deals on high end beauty AND a lot of gift with purchases with their drugstore make up! So I'm sure you'll be able to find something which tailors to you or your loved ones for a great Christmas gift!!

Have you been eyeing up any deals recently?
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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Alice's Autumn/Winter Favourites 2013

Now December has crept around I thought I would chat about some products I've been loving since the months have been getting colder. I've definitely switched out some products and found/rediscovered some gems suitable for colder climes! Be this beauty, haircare or body products, I've been using a lot of lovely things these past few months! I've also thrown in some fashion favourites and a random favourite too as I thought they'd be fun addition!

L-R Maybelline's Fit Me Concealer, Model Co.'s Party Proof Lipstick in Kitty, Lush's Mint Julips,
MAC's Viva Glam and Rech Technique's Setting Brush.


I received this lippy in a beauty box a couple months ago and I'm in love with it. One of those great no-mirror-needed pinky nudes, that I can use on a daily basis to pull my look together! It also smells amazing!

I never have any buyer's remorse when I buy from the Viva Glam collection as the entire line donates all of the money you pay to helping out those living with HIVAIDS, which is a brilliant cause!! That aside this has been my go to red this season, it is such a nice, and dare I say it, glam red!

This puppy has become a handbag essential of mine more or less since I bought it. It ticks all the boxes for me, fuss free, super blendable, a nice amount of coverage and cheap so if it goes AWOL, I wouldn't have waved goodbye to my hard earned money!

A cult favourite. After misplacing my popcorn lip scrub I decided to invest in the Mint Julips version, and I love it!! Perfect for a nice bedtime exfoliant or to prep for a bold lip colour... and did I mention it tastes like after eights? Delicious!!

I have a new found love for this beauty and it is now my go to concealer brush! As someone who can get lazy with their make up, I have found this slightly larger brush blends in concealer flawlessly and effortlessly which I love! Both Emma and I are big fans or the Real Tech line but this brush in particular has absolutely wowed me recently!!

Head & Shoulders' Apple Fresh Shampoo

I am a big lover of products which do what they say on the tin. Come rain or shine (or in this case, cold) there are some products which you can turn to that just get it done. Although not the most glamourous product, head and shoulders is one of those. When the temperature really dropped I noticed that I was getting an itchy scalp and some dandruff (super cute, I know!)  However, after stealing my Dad's bottle, low and behold, Head & Shoulders sorted out within two washes, problem sorted. A cheap, dependable product!!

L-R S&G's Smoothie Star, Avon's Hand & Nail Cream, S&G's Brekfast Scrub,
Burt's Bees' Almond Hand Cream, Nivea's In Shower Body Conditioner.
I recently did a full review on this product which you can read here - I just thought I have to mention it again because I love it so much - now a staple in my shower I can't see me not ever using this product. Simple and effective!!

I think there are very few bad things you can say about the entire Soap & Glory scrap range but recently I have been particularly liking The Breakfast Scrub. The scrub smells like maple syrup and I find it a little bit thicker than the rest of the scrubs that they offer so it has been brilliant in helping me tackle winter worn skin.

Another product I recently returned to is S&G's Smoothie Star. I have a gigantic bottle of this with a convenient and hygienic pump on top to pump out the perfect amount. This contains a whole bunch of nourishing ingredients and smells delicious too!

This is definitely not a handcream to throw in your bag and go but I have been loving it for an extra special treatment when I go to bed. This product has a really thick consistency and leaves a bit of a residue and boy does it moisturise and nourish your hands!!

Yes, that's right to hand creams in one favourites post. This one sinks in a lot faster than the Burt's Bees hand cream and also works wonders on my nails which have been getting particularly brittle this season.

I can't say how much I love my Dr Martens I've had mine is seven years and they have never failed me. If I were ever to you recommend a shoe to you to invest in, it would be these. I have taken them to festivals, on hikes and walked around entire cities in them and they barely look worn. In the colder months these are the saviours of my feet, keeping them nice and warm and looking stylish too.

I'm a big lover of tartan all year round but I'm particularly happy that he is in season. I think it's really easy to style and can completely jazz up an outfit and I just really enjoyed wearing it. I've picked up a couple pieces and am looking to find some other gems!


Arctic Monkeys - AM
A bit of a random one but I have been absolutely loving the Arctic Monkeys new album. I've been playing it start to finish non-stop since I first listened to it and I have the hard copy on my Christmas list. I just think overall it is a fantastic album and definitely worth a listen!!

What are your views in loving this month?
Have you written your Christmas list?

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Make Up For Ever Full Coverage Extreme Camouflage Concealer

As a wearer of fairly light foundations, I always like my concealers to be on the more heavy duty side so I can really target the areas where I need it. I've used MUFE's Face & Body foundation for some time now and thoughtI'd invest in another one of their products - the much loved full coverage concealer. I'm shade number one which is the palest available.

This product retails for £23.15

First thing I noticed with this is the thickness of the product, products with this type of consistency have the tendency to crease under the eyes, but when you apply with a little bit of care, or indeed a brush (I've been loving using Real Technique's Setting Brush to apply this concealer) the application and finish are great. I also do love this over troublesome spots as it covers them no problem. MUFE say that this product is waterproof, which I think it probably is (I haven't been at the local swimming pool trying it out, I'll be honest) but I do think it wears off a little if you slave away in a hot and sweaty work environment, which I do. It's not loads, but I do notice the redness of my spots coming through and my dark circles not as camouflaged as they were when I first applied my make up. I think if I found the right combination of primer/powder, that this might not be as much of an issue. I guess the only real let down with this product is the price point, particularly in the UK. It is a bit of a challenge to get hold of MUFE here in the UK, some sites do sell it, but without trying it out you'll be taking a bit of a gamble on your colour match (I was lucky enough to muck about with the testers at IMATS and my Face & Body is the same shade as the concealer) and although I will never deny the quality of the brand, it is a lot of money to spend on something if it doesn't match your skin tone, no matter how lovely the product.

Overall, I would recommend this product, if you have the money to spend, and really look into swatches of the colours so you don't end up disappointed. I can see this lasting me a long time which is good and the product is of a good quality so if you're up for spending that little bit extra on a concealer, I definitely consider this one. I just hope and pray for the day MUFE finds it's way into English shops.

Have you tried any MUFE?
Do you have a favourite concealer?

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Monday, 25 November 2013

Let Them Eat Cake


My last post saw me wishing you a spooky halloween, which I certainly hope it was! Mine was a fairly quiet one with lots of eating of themed treats. I attended an autumn wedding all the way up in Wrexham where my boyfriend was the best man, and he absolutely nailed the speech! They even had a pony chilling by the hotel, who I had had to say hello to! I've found myself drinking a lot more hot coffee this month (I'm a iced coffee fiend most of the year!) whilst baking some cakes to compliment a good warm drink. This month I've seen one of my favourite bands - Editors - where I danced like a champ and fell in love with music all over again. I also tried my first ever Lush Bath Ballistic which I loved and think I'm going to be frequenting my local Lush store to stock up for my winter bathing as well as picking up some winter essentials like these amazing Monki socks as well as a hats, gloves and various other bits to keep me warm as we head into winter!

I'm super excited for the last leg of the year as I jet off to Berlin for one final getaway in 2013 as well as enjoy the company of my friends and family as we inch closer to the new year.

Have you guys got any winter plans?
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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

November Beauty Box First Impressions

Another month, another set of beauty boxes from the postman. As we gear up for Christmas, Glossybox have complied a wishlist themed box, with their magazine showcasing present ideas, a look at their three special edition boxes just in time for Christmas (I've already reviewed their Net-A-Porter collaboration, which you can read here) as well as an ideal party season plum/red lipstick feature. Birchbox have also got a theme this month, looking to icons to give us that extra push as we hurtle through the winter months and into 2014, with their publication giving you a list of fun things to see and do this month, an eye make-up tutorial and a mini gift guide.

I'm a big fan of French skincare, and need to get into the habit of using a serum, so I think these three little samples will hopefully help me to get into the swing of it!

I've only heard of Emite through previously receiving their eyelash curlers in a previous Glossybox. This is a matte, completely black eyeshadow which will be great for a smoky eye or an alternative to liquid liner

If you've been loving Starbucks' Orange Mochas this season, then you'll love this delicious smelling chocolate orange hand cream. Almost good enough to eat and a great handbag size.

With all the dark nail varnishes on trend right now (I'm currently wearing Avon's Night Violet) getting them off can be an absolute pain in the backside, so a nice little product like this should aid the removal of nail varnish no end.

I've never tried any products from Gosh before, and I wouldn't have personally picked this colour for myself or this season, but with that being said, when playing about with it, I loved the look of a few swipes over my bottom lip and then rubbing my lips together, leaving me with slightly rouged and juicy looking lips!

I am incredibly fickle when it comes to body washes, this one smells clean and fresh and I'm the fan of citrus scents, so will merrily use this one up

I first received a sample of this product back in the summer, It's a Birchbox exclusive, and I used it up and even took it on holiday with me. I'm always a little disappointed when I get a sample twice, but I did enjoy using my first one so I'll see if I will enjoy using it again.

I don't own a pencil concealer/highlighter, so I was quite excited to play about with this product, I've already put it to good use and am using it to trace around my eyebrows to highlight them and hide those pesky tiny hairs.

Last month Birchbox promised another Laura Mercier product, and they delivered!! I've given this a whirl and I do like it, it lengthens and volumises without clumping or being overly dramatic.

This perfume has notes of quince, jasmine petals and musk, but I think it smells really nice and sweet and would be a great summer perfume.

Birchbox also love throwing in extras, and this month is no exception, I received three teas from
Pukka Herbs as well as a dual pencil sharpener, which goes hand in hand with the Chella product I got this month!

Both boxes this month have a wide range of products across the beauty world so I think there is something for everyone this month. I'm looking forward to what is coming in the December boxes from both brands as I always feel beauty boxes see the year out with a bang!

Are you subscribed to a beauty box?

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Glossybox for First Impressions

Glossybox have released a couple different 'one-off' boxes this year, but until now, none have really appealed to me. Glossy have teamed up with luxury brand specialists - to bring us a luxury brand box brimming with high-end goods. Unlike the usual element of surprise that comes with Glossybox, they released the contents of the box letting you know exactly what you were letting yourself in for when spending that extra £20.

First off, there is 6 samples in this box, instead of your usual 5, two of which are full size. Something that definitely caught my attention, when doing a bit of research into the products, the two full sized ones total a whopping £42 if purchased on Net-A-Porter, showing a seriously good saving if you were to invest in this box. Also, the products are a wide selection across the board of hair, beauty and body, which I do like. The only downside I've found with this box is that you're buying it through Net-A-Porter, not Glossybox, I had to sign up to another site (if you've already got an account with Net-A-Porter, this won't be an issue) and the postage was a hefty £5 in comparison to Glossy's £2.95, which was a bit of a nasty shock when I got to the checkout.

The Products:

Natura Bisse Diamond White SPF 50 PA+++ Oil Free  £75 for 30ml
It is no secret that when it is necessary, I love me some SPF! Not only do I like the look of my pale skin tone, but I think it is absolutely paramount to look after your skin in the sun. So, when the time is right I'll be very much looking forward to try this out.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Ageing Daily Serum £160 for 50ml
At 20, anti-ageing products aren't at the top of my hitlist, but I will use this every now and again to prevent things such as crows feet and forehead wrinkles

Ellis Faas Mascara E401 - Black £20 for 8.2ml
One of the full size products included in this box, this is the one I was most eager to try. I've heard loads of things about the brand Ellis Faas recently, and I think a good old mascara is a nice way to introduce yourself to a brand.

Philip B Maui Wowie Beach Mist £22 for 150ml
The second full size product in the box, and another product I loved the sound of. No matter the time of year, I'm always up for beachy waves and rolled-out-of-bed look, so I certainly think I shall be putting this to good use!

Ila Bath Salts for Inner Peace £49 for 500g
I've never been one to have tried bath salts all that much, but as winter closes in, I'm sure I will be retreating to my bath indeed looking for inner peace, and these also smell amazing and are enriched with essential oils so you can't go wrong!

Joya Ames Soeurs Roll-On Parfum £20 for 10ml
A nice little clutch bag/jacket pocket sized perfume sample with a nice scent to boot! I'm also intrigued by the roll-on application!!

Overall, I'm happy with my box and am glad I forked out the £20 (/technically £25) for an extra box this month! I'm excited to see what Glossybox put in their own box this month and hope there is a nod to this box with good, luxury products included!

Have you bought this box?
A big fan of Glossy?

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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser Dry Review

As the seasons are changing, this year I'm actively trying to change up what is in my skincare routine to fit it's winter needs. One of my first changes was this Nivea in-shower body moisturiser. I picked up the 'dry skin' formula, although I don't suffer from dry skin, I wanted to get the smoothest and most moisturised skin possible! The concept is easy enough to grasp and with it on offer in my local Sainsbury's, I thought I'd give it a whirl and see if it indeed made a difference or if it was a bit of a fad.

When first using this, I was really sceptical as to whether I could slot this into my daily shower routine, but actually it was fairly easy. This product is simple to use, and quick as well, so this can even feature in your rushed 5 minute showers. I view it as a second shower gel, although this product doesn't lather at all, it just sits on the skin. The smell isn't a potent one, if you've ever smelt Nivea's original cream, it smells just like that, but it doesn't linger at all when out of the shower. Maybe my only gripe when using this is that I use a hefty amount of it, but the bottles are rather big and cheap, so using a fair amount of it over my whole body isn't a hardship to my wallet. I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin, and it is certainly a lot smoother a supple than if I didn't use it, and because you've already washed the residue off you genuinely can pop your clothes on and go. I don't think it works as well as a body butter, but with some body butters you're waiting a rather long time for them to sink in. I've used a body lotion over the top of it, which does add even more moisture to your skin, so even if you're not willing to give up your post-shower moisturisers, this will still be of good use to you.

Overall, I'm really satisfied with this product, it's cheap and cheerful, it does what it says it will and is super fuss-free. With it's ease-of-use and faint scent, I think this would also be great for men (I'm in no way saying men can't invest in a Laura Mercier Body Souffle, I just don't know any who do.) and I just think this is great product all year round, but particularly with the colder weather closing in.

Have you tried any of Nivea's products?
Do you have a favourite body moisturiser?
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Monday, 28 October 2013

Make Like A Tree, And Get Outta Here!


Hey guys!! I hope this post finds you well and all prepped for your halloween celebrations!! This month saw me finally admit that summer and the good weather has indeed gone. I went to a Mexican dinner party and discovered the amazing game which is Heads Up! I also invested in some OPI polishes, Viva Glam  #1 and some (more) French skincare! I've been buying pieces for a wedding I'm heading to next month, which I'm really excited to share with you, but in general this month has been a very chilled one, just hanging out with my nearest and dearest!

How have you guys been this month? All settled into Autumn?
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I look forward to updating you all next month and posting a review this coming Wednesday!