Friday, 28 December 2012

Battle of the Boxes: Glossy vs. Jolie!

We've both been subscribed to GlossyBox for 10 months and in October decided to buy a 3 month subscription to GB's worst enemy, JolieBox to see the difference in products. Both boxes cost £10 + £2.95 p+p so we thought we'd see if you're getting your money's worth with either subscription!

Jolie packaging

Glossy packaging

A selection of products we received from JolieBox, brands include: Yonka, Redken, Olay, Dead Sea Spa Magik, Etat Pur, Agua, I Love..., Bellapierre, Doctor Duve, L'Occitane and

A selection of the products we've received in GlossyBox, brands include: Alison Claire, Skinetica, Yves Rocher, Sleek, The Body Shop, Nails Inc., Mary Greenwell, Vera Valenti, Kyrolan for GlossyBox, Sebamed and  Crabtree & Evelyn.
Overall opinion:

Both boxes have big brands involved with them, but also introduce you to new ones, as well as new products you'd never think of trying/never knew existed!

Both companies run a points system, with GlossyBox once you review the products you've gotten, you receive 'GlossyDots' which you can put towards a free box. JolieBox give you points against every pound you spend as well as products you review and people you refer. We feel GlossyBox give you a better points system and more rewards than JolieBox do.

Competition wise, Glossybox holds tonnes! If you're ever on their Facebook page, you're more than likely going to come across a new comp they're holding, as new JolieBox subscribers we've never come across any competitions as of yet, although JolieBox hold events every now and again, which are free to attend, where you can try out products and treatments as well as going home with a bunch of freebies, and if you bring a non-subscriber they get a free box to try! It's a great opportunity to meet other subscribers, staffers and bloggers to trade beauty war stories and make contacts, they're usually held in London in the middle of the week, which is great if you live nearby, but not so great if you live further afield.

JolieBox seem to give you larger samples compared to Glossy, and are usually from brands you've never heard of, which is good if you're out for discovering new brands, they also produce a magazine with the staff beauty favourites and interviews with various beauty gurus! GlossyBox provides a slightly more safer experience, with a healthy mixture of both household names and new brands. Throughout our subscription to GB we've obtained a variety of full sized products ranging from lipsticks to eyeshadow palettes as well as sachets of creams and vials of perfume.

Both boxes are fantastic, and in our opinion are worth subscribing to and are worth the money, however if we had to pick, we'd pick Glossy, which may be because we've been subbed to them longer but they provide a fantastic customer service and an interactive experience filled with news and competitions galore! We'll be interested to see what BirchBox brings to the table as it takes over JolieBox in the new year!

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