Friday, 9 February 2018

Twenty Eighteen.

Hello, it's me.
I've been more or less absent from here for the past two years, with no real solid excuse. It's always in the back of my mind, this little corner of the internet, but I've found it hard to sit down and commit to a real post for a good amount of time. In the words of Fall Out Boy 'The only thing that's ever stopping me, is me.', and ain't that the truth. One of my New Year's resolutions (I have more which I mentioned of my podcast, which you can listen to here) is more mental energy: I need 'I can't be bothered' not to be an excuse anymore, whether that's exercise, relationships or this here blog. I tell myself 'I have a job, a boyfriend, I'm doing a degree, how do I have time to do this anymore?' however I fail to remember that I started this blog with all those previous commitments in place, and made time for it. This was something that really used to bring me joy, but when you have no one keeping tabs on when you upload and how often you upload, once you miss your own personal deadline it's a steep slope to once again keep yourself accountable. Last year I found myself really questioning social media and my place on it, why do I post what I post? As soon as I found any momentum to post anything, I often talked myself out of seeing it through, whether it was if I'd be able to take a decent enough photograph to accompany a post or if I'd be able to strike a balance between informative and boring. Needless to say I won't find out if that photo is any good or if I've found that balance without giving it a good college try. So here I am, a girl sat in front of her blog, asking it to forgive me, because I've forgiven myself. I'm going on holiday for the first time in 6 months this weekend, and I assure you scheduled programming will be back on track. I aim for one post and one video a week, but if I don't hit that, I'm not going to beat myself up. At the end of last year I worked myself up and burned myself out, neither of which are ideal, but that's okay, because I've forgiven myself for that too.

The next one will be a little less emo, and a little more beauty. (Full of the FOB references today, aren't I?)

Forever thanks.


January Favourites!

Remember me?! An actual real life post soon, I promise. I PROMISE.

Friday, 3 November 2017

What's in my bag? (Video)

Hi there - I thought I would do the ultimate old school video - the what's in my bag tag! I can't believe I've never done this video before! Make sure you subscribe to keep up to date with my videos!

Sunday, 22 October 2017

USA Vlog! (Video)

I thought it was about time I cobbled this vlog together - so here it is! This footage was from the time I went to the US for the 4th of July! Let me know what you think down below and don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date with all of my videos!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Empties Nine! (Video)

I cannot believe I'm on my NINTH empties video! This bad boy is a longun' but if you fancy getting down to the real tea about the products I've used completely up - then this is the one for you! If you want to keep up to date with all my videos, make sure you subscribe!

Monday, 9 October 2017

Glossier Phase 1 & 2 Review and 10% off Code!

A couple of months back I made a trip across the pond to the Big Apple and was able to visit blogger heaven aka, the Glossier Showroom. As I was brand new to the brand I thought I would try both of their curated sets, Phase 1 and Phase 2, so I could get a feel for both their skincare and make up. Today Glossier is available in the UK!!! So what better time to write up my thoughts on this hypeworthy brand?

Phase 1 contains 3 of their skincare hero products, the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturiser and a Balm Dotcom of your choice (I chose the Birthday Balm!) Starting with the cleanser, it's a lightweight gentle cleanser which is lightly scented with rose, the best way to describe this cleanser really is as a milky jelly. I don't use this to remove my make up but I do use it as second cleanse and in conjunction with a cleansing oil first. It isn't stripping at all and it leaves your face feeling soft, clean and ready for any treatments you wish to pop on afterwards, for me this is a product that has grown on me the more and more I use it. Next up is the Priming Moisturiser, this product is what I would describe as a 'traditional, albeit slightly runny cream' - as someone with oily combo skin, I've typically opted for gel based moisturisers in recent years so using this was something a bit different for me. It's something I get in and out of the habit of using every day, in part because I'm loving my primer, but also because it does take a little while to rub in. Overall I don't think it's a bad product when I do use it, my skin is soft and prepped for make up, but if I'm super duper honest I don't think it's a product I'll be keeping back-ups of. And lastly for Phase 1 we have the Balm Dotcom. There's a handful of different varieties to choose from; original to tinted to coconut - however the magpie in me was drawn to the Birthday Balm. This particular balm has teeny tiny bits of glitter in it, which don't look at all chunky once applied to the lips. All balms leave a matte finish to the lips and I have quite enjoyed both having this in my handbag as well as popping some on right before I start my make up so by the time I get to lips they're lovely and soft. I know it isn't a revolutionary product, but it is nice to use so I have been reaching for it and keeping it on hand either in my handbag or make up bag!

Phase 2 is all about make up, and choice. Unlike Phase 1, you pick the shade for each product in your set which includes their Stretch Concealer, Generation G Lipstick and Boy Brow Brow Gel. For the concealer I picked 'Light', the shade range is a bit pants with 5 shades, however this is a good fit for me. Initially I didn't reach for this product but I have been more and more for it's skin-like finish and blendability. I think this formula of concealer really takes the concept of concealers back to their core use - extra coverage where you need it. With concealers these days being used for a million different purposes, it's surprisingly refreshing to have a concealer in my collection which serves solely as an 'extra cover-er.' This product has a nice slip to it, something I was initially wary of but the consistency really helps the product to blend in with the skin whilst still looking like skin, it's also great to layer if you fancied a top up during the day. Will some blemishes still show through? Sure - but this does add undetectable coverage. For lipstick I chose the shade 'Cake' - a pinky nude. One thing you need to know about this formula is that it's sheer - if you're after one swipe opaque pigment, this is not the formula for you. What I like about this lipstick is that it adds a little somethin' somethin' whilst working with your own lip colour, you can build the colour up, but if you have dry lips, the colour can build up in the dry patches - I recommend popping on some balm dot com before starting your make up or making sure your lips are exfoliated before sporting one of these, but these are a nice no mirror lipstick - I'd be intrigued to see how one of the brighter colours looks. And finally, the MVP of the Glossier line up - the Boy Brow. I have the colour Brown and I am smitten with this brow gel. This product has the perfect amount of pigment, waxiness and hold. Your brows aren't crunchy but still tamed, they don't look shiny and like all of the Glossier make up products, it looks natural too. Really do believe the hype with this one!

Overall, a pretty positive review of the Glossier line - I'm putting to use all of the bits I've tried. Next on my shopping list is both their SPF and Skin Tint - watch this space for when I get around to trying those. This brand will not be for everyone, particularly their make up line, this is certainly a brand which focuses on enhancing features as opposed to make up artistry - and I think both ends of the spectrum have a place in the beauty space, and for your everyday person. I really am excited to see what they some out with next!

As I mentioned today is the day that a lot of people have been waiting for - Glossier in the UK! After a poke around on their website (and maybe a purchase or two...) I am very happy to inform you that Glossier have made the ultimate commitment to their UK market by having a warehouse situated in the UK - I know I was apprehensive with the potential of shock customs fees, however that will not be an issue as the products are already in Blighty - you just need to take the jump the jump and purchase them. The prices points are consistent with their US market, hitting the higher end of drugstore, but also one thing I do love with Glossier is that they have these two sets as well as a bunch of other bundles where if you buy multiple products you save, and if you want feel of the brand I would recommend these two!

Now, that discount code - every single link in this review will give you 10% off your first order (this does not include if you've been to the showroom unfortunately - boo hiss)

Have you tried any Glossier products?
Does anything is particular catch your eye?

Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

September Favourites | (Video)

Hello stranger, I really really really do promise I'll start posting here again, in the mean time all my social media links are to the right so you can keep up to date with all my goings on.